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In order to compete with our competitors we must have good marketing strategies. For our services, the package that we offer is suitable for all types of income level and ages. We are really concern with the satisfaction that our customer will get. Therefore, we ensure that our package is well planned.
  1. Service strategy
In our business strategy, we use the method that provides us more effort in our service for the business purpose. By putting more attention towards the services will form a high quality service of our business. This will automatically helps us to raise our image and try to maximize our customer satisfaction. For those customers who need our services, they can make an appointment by phone call or come directly to our office to get the information. This is to ensure we can avoid any unnecessary problem regarding our package services. We will also have an agent who will take care of our customer.
  1. Distribution strategy
As we have a different concept and types of distribution strategy for the business, we decided to cooperate with the agent in helping us to distribute information about our services and promote to the Muslims to use our services.
  1. Pricing strategies
In deciding the price of our service of the package that we offer, we use break-even point method with markup 20% from cost of production. These include the price of the package, hotel fee, transportation and other thing regarding to the condition of the package. Our package price is reasonable and we are confident that we can give a good price level to our customers. For our services, we provides 4 package and each package have a different price depends on the month when the customer would like to go to umrah.
  1. Promotion strategy
  • The effective promotion is one of the most important things in operating the business in order to introduce the existence of the services. Through promotion, customer will be given a chance to know in detail by the information of the service that our company has offers.Opening ceremony
It is our first promotion and opens to all of the Muslims. The nature of this opening ceremony is to introduce our premise to the public in the town of Peninsular Malaysia especially. There will be many activities on this function such as giving the souvenirs, drinks, and also a simple understanding of our packages to those who coming as our guest on that day. This event is as the beginner of introducing our company to the Muslims live in Peninsular Malaysia.
§  Pamphlets
We also promote our services by distribute our pamphlets to the customers. These pamphlets will be distributed by our agent at the mosque as well as at the Tabung Haji and many other Islamic Center.
§  Mass media
To make people aware of our business, we will advertise in the local newspaper which is Utusan Malaysia. Magazines about Islamic will also advertise our service in the monthly books produce by the HIKMAH which is the sources for Muslims to seek further information about Islam.
§  Signboard
Business signboard must be attractive and clear written with our business name “An-Nur Travel and Tours Agency”. The size of the signboard also should be appropriate so that people can see it. Signboard is important to identify the location of the business.
§  Banners
Banner usually used by most business when they want to advertise their business and new product to public. We will also use the banner by hanging it in the strategic places such as inside and outside the building, main road and at the waterfront where is the most visited places. The banners must be attractive in look and easy to be seen with the clear written and information. We will decorate and design the banners on our own with different types of color to attract customers. We will use it not only for the beginning of our business but also for every month.
  • Business card
We are going to use business card to promote our services. This can helps us to show image of our services and also the location of our business and also the contact number of our managers in An-Nur Travel and Tours Agency.





Diploma in Tourism Managemant
Administration Manager
Diploma in Tourism Managemant
Diploma in Tourism Managemant
Operational Manager
Diploma in Tourism Managemant
Financial Maneger
Diploma in Tourism Management
Tour Guide
Diploma in Tourism Managemant



Monday - Friday

8.00 a.m – 12.00 p.m
02.00 p.m – 05.00 p.m


8.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m


Off Days

This is one of the most important tasks that will be done by the HRM manager. The objectives are to ensure an alignment of individual career planning and organizational career management process and to achieve an optional match of individual needs with organizational requirements.
Recruitments Methods
For the recruitment we will be using two types of methods which are advertising and walk- in applicants. We use these two methods because it is a very popular used by everyone and it is cheaper than other methods. Mostly it is suitable for a small and new company like us:
Ø  Advertising
We will advertise our pamphlets at the Notice boards that are located around KL Sentral and arrival departure around counter KL Transit Express ways.
Ø  Walk- In applicants.
Walk – in applicant is a way the applicant will come to our company and apply the job

Selection process happens after we start receiving the application form from the candidates. This selecting process is very important because we have to choose the most suitable candidates that will suit the position. Therefore, all information must be collected from each candidates and evaluated conscientiously. In this process, we are using few techniques such as distributes applicant form, review it and check the reference, do the selection test and lastly, interviewing.

Recruitment Flow Chart


Title                           :   Manager
Qualification              :  Diploma in Tourism Management

Job Description
Ø  To plan, control, leading, organizing and makes sure all the organization objectives have been implemented by the workers.
Ø  Give the instructions to the workers what needs to be done.

Ø  To make sure that all the staffs perform their task according to their work.

Ø  To administrate and manage all the transaction in the organization.

Ø  To assist manager in quotation, preparation of report and etc.
Ø  Directly manage major and critical developing client accounts, and coordinate the management of all other accounts.
Ø  Participate in the development of new project proposals.

Title                :  Administration Manager
Report to         :   Manager
Qualification    :   Diploma in Tourism Management
Job Description

Ø  Responsible to help the general manager accomplishes the business organization.

Ø  Must have good public relation and interpersonal skill.

Ø  Decide the service required by customer and try to satisfy their needs.

Ø  Manager all the mailing transaction, payment of bills and all the filing system.

Ø  Make sure all office needs are available.

Ø  Ensure all the administration transaction is done.

Ø  Keep all the companies documents in the safe place.

Title                :  Marketing Manager
Report to         :   Manager
Qualification    :   Diploma in Tourism Management

Job Description

Ø  Analyze the opportunities in the marketing sector.

Ø  To ensure that the marketing management is under control and up-to-date.

Ø  Find the customer and expand the market and the business.

Ø  Responsible to handle promotion of the business to the customer.

Ø  Fulfilling the customer demand and need.

Ø  Responsible to make survey of others competition companies.

Ø  Find the market for the product or services.

Ø  To do market analysis and determine the market strategies.

Ø  Prepare an effective ways to attract the customers.

Ø  Make the advertisement about the company product.

Title                :  Operational Manager
Report to         :   Manager
Qualification    :   Diploma in Tourism Management
Job Description

Ø  To make sure that the facilities for the operation is enough and in good condition and maintenance.

Ø  Plan to increase the production.

Ø  To ensure that the company can minimize the project cost and can maximize the customer need.

Ø  To ensure that the product and service in high quality and standard to satisfy the demand and clients need.

Ø  Controlling and organizing the service that the company offers in order it is done systematically.

Ø  Buys the entire item needed for the operation process.

Ø  To make sure all the operation department workers do their work properly.

Title                :  Financial Manager
Report to         :   Manager
Qualification    :   Diploma in Tourism Management
Job Description

Ø  Make sure the accurately of the transaction.

Ø  Reduce and eliminate all the unnecessary expenses.

Ø  To determine the size of the investment. For example, the project implementation cost.

Ø  To identify and propose the relevant sources of finance.

Ø  To ensure that the initial is sufficient.

Ø  To appraise the viability of the project before actual investment is committed.

Ø  To be used as a guideline for implementation.

Title                :  Tour Guide
Report to         :   Manager
Qualification    :   Tour Guide Certificate

Job Description

Ø  Arrange for transportation for visitors.
Ø  Assemble and check required supplies and equipment before departing for tour.
Ø  Describe points of interest along the tour and answer question as long as required.
Ø  May be responsible to guide the visitors while operating a vehicle, travelling in a vehicle or on-site while providing commentary.
Ø  Monitor visitors activities in order ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices.
Ø  May have to plan and/or conduct itineraries and activities.
Ø  Lead visitors individually or in group on tours less than a day in length.
Ø  Tour guides ensure that itineraries are met and that customers are informed in an entertaining manner
Ø  the location they are travelling.
Ø   They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the group and ensuring that tour groups remain together.


Requirements and tips for tour guide

Language RequirementEach applicant must be competent in the Malay language, English languages, advantage if able to speak and write other international languages.
Prior to finishing the guiding course, each student must have a proof that he/she speaks a third language fluently (preferably German, French, or mandarin).
Students who know English and Malay only and who do not have a third language and cannot join language courses offered by the Academy are responsible to study a language course on their own and show evidence to that effect.
Class Preparation and Homework
Students must be prepared always for each scheduled program by reading the assigned readings, taking notes during lecture or field trip, etc. Students must also hand in the assigned homework on time, as required by each teacher.

Evaluation and Assessment
 Each student will be evaluated periodically to determine whether he/she remains enrolled in the guiding course. Teachers of the different subjects as well as the coordinators will determine the appropriate method(s) by which students are evaluated.

Attendance and Punctuality
Students must be on time for all the lectures, workshops and field trips scheduled. Unauthorized absences may be grounds for dismissal from the guiding course. 

Students should exhibit the willingness to work as part of a team.

Students are encouraged to have an open-minded attitude and flexibility towards new learning techniques.

Field Trips
The field trips are a very important part of the educational process and must be always attended. Professional conduct throughout each field trip is required to get the maximum benefit out of the experience. Students will be evaluated on their performance during these fieldtrips throughout the semester.

Counseling and mentoring
A mentor will be assigned for each student throughout the guiding course. Students are encouraged to seek counseling from those responsible to minimize difficulties and to deal with problems as soon as they arise.

Our company focuses and concern about our employee charity. So, we developed a good reward system that mutually will give benefit to us an employee and our employee.
10.6.1 Compensation Policies
 Our company is using the market rate because we pay what the most employee pay for the same job that we are capable to compete with our competitors and at the same time we will not over budgeting.
10.6.2 Direct Financial Compensation
Our employee will receive their compensation in salaries every 28th of the month.
They also get 30 percent off when selling the packages. We also pay the full and punctual attendance RM50 per month.
10.6.3 Indirect Financial Compensation
Our company pays the Social Security (SOCSO) 2 percent and the Employees Provident Fund(EPF) 13 percent. In addition, we also had panel clinic with a few branch but it is only cover our employee.